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Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur

Hey, it's just a true statement.

Hug me, don't club me

The official description:
"From Los Angeles, California, to Paducah, Kentucky, and from Berlin, Germany, to Zagreb, Croatia—all around the world, caring people are taking to the streets to protest against the shameful Canadian seal slaughter. These caring activists are showing Canada that the world will not tolerate this bloody massacre."
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vegetarian revolution

Lydia Guevara with carrots.

Unhappy Mother's Day

Pregnant women pose naked to demonstrate sow gestation crates.

Unbearable Cruelty

video description: "a new ad for PETA's Unbearable Cruelty campaign, asking the Queen's Guards' to shed the real bearskins they use for their ceremonial caps."

The Naked Truth: Animals Don't Belong In Zoos

Louis Vuitton: No More Skins

Valentine's Day protest in front of the Louis Vuitton shop in Paris

Close All Zoos

Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked

No, I don't eat any animal products.

Yes, I am naked on the phone.
No, I don't eat any animal products.

Go Naked Mini Documentary

From a lone protester on a Florida highway to supermodels on New York runways, the "Naked" Campaign has helped bring fur sales to historic lows and shown millions the cruel truth behind the fur trade.

No Fur

Naked protest and other action against fur trade in St.Petersburg.

Be Vegetarian

The same concept: we're all made of flesh.

Flesh: it's all the same

Both men and women participate in these demos, sometimes as couples. The above image is a woman.

Meat Is Murder

A few women did this demonstration of a human BBQ.

No One Wants To Be Treated Like A Piece Of Meat

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Don't Be A Dick

You might not be able to see it, but the image in Cheney's sunglasses is a nude woman with a sign that says, "Don't be a Dick. Fishing hurts."
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I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur

Michelle Manhart

Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegetarian

That's the naked cowboy.

They're taking a shower. Get it?

Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked

Animals Suffer and Die in Live Export

Both men and women participated in this demonstration against the sale and exportation of live animals.

Exotic Skins Make Our Blood Run Cold

This is a window display, not a human being.

Leave Wildlife Out Of Your Wardrobe